Revelation (2018)

Our fifth album was recorded in 2017 in Daft Studios in Malmedy, Belgium and The Gorio Hills in Belgium. The album was produced by Mario Goossens (of Triggerfinger fame). The title Revelation also refers to the unveiling of the brand-new sound we were looking for and have achieved working with our producer.

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Bye Bye To Ya / I Ain’t Coming Home (2017)

Bye Bye to Ya was released as a 7″ 45 rpm vinyl single. On the B side you can find “I Ain’t Coming Home” (still the only place you can listen to that song!)Hoodoo Down (2015)Rolling Into Town (2014)Sell Your Soul (2013)The Damned and Dirty (2012)

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Hoodoo Down (2015)

Our fourth album was recorded in August 2015 in two studios in Amsterdam and Amersfoort. This albums features the most guest musicians and the longest running time yet. It was released in November 2015.
Nominated Best Dutch Blues Album 2015More info
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Rolling Into Town (2014)

Our third album was recorded in June 2014 at the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam. We released it on November 17th in the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Awarded Best Dutch Blues Album 2014

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Sell Your Soul (2013)

Our second album was recorded in the BandBunker in Amersfoort. We released it on Friday the 13th of September in Jinx, Zaandam.

Awarded Best Dutch Blues Album 2013

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The Damned and Dirty (2012)

When we went about recording our first album we planned on releasing it on the internet for free, viewing it as a fun side project. It was released on September 1st 2012. Things sure have changed since then…

Awarded Best Dutch Blues Album 2012

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