The Damned and Dirty

When we went about recording our first album we planned on releasing on the internet for free, viewing it as a fun side project. It was released on September 1st 2012. Things sure started rolling after that...

Awarded Best Dutch Blues Album 2012

Review quotes

When I think about Blues music, I tend not to think about Holland.

That just changed.

EarWave, USA

With the electric ‘blues violence’ of BluesMotel, live and on record, you sometimes tend to forget what a technically and musically great guitarist Micha Sprenger is. On The Damned and Dirty cd Micha gets – and takes – more than enough room to play his wonderful licks and rhythms. Sometimes threatening, sometimes subdued, but always as the musical backbone for Kevin de Harde. De Harde is also in great form on this record. He sings, screams, whispers and blows his lungs out. The anger in his voice still finds its way into his singing but it’s more of a velvet anger this time. And it’s because of the wonderful licks and rhythms by Micha the songs sung by De Harde are much more overwhelming to the listener., the Netherlands

It’s unnecessary to say that this is an album that belongs in the record collection of all acoustic blues lovers. In fact, it should have a place in the collection of every other blues lover as well., the Netherlands


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Release date
September 1st 2012
Music & Lyrics
Micha Sprenger and Kevin de Harde*
* except When the devil’s got your name by Eddy Gartry, used and licensed with permission
Vocals and harmonica
Kevin de Harde
Guitar, backing vocals, bass
Micha Sprenger
Frank van Tijn
Recorded by
Frank de Jong & Erwin Palper, 20Twelve Audio
Mixed & Mastered by
Erwin Palper, 20Twelve Audio
Bas Stoffelsen
Fuck Yeah! Records