Sell Your Soul

Our second album was recorded in the BandBunker in Amersfoort. We released it on Friday the 13th of September in Jinx, Zaandam.

Awarded Best Dutch Blues Album 2013

Review quotes

If you are a serious acoustic blues fan this one's a MUST. If you think you don't like acoustic blues then this is a MUST. It will change your mind.

Ian McKenzie, Blues in Britain Magazine, UK

Yes, this music comes out of Europe, but its inspiration comes from the heart of blues territory – it’s always interesting hearing blues coming from places other than where it was born. Interesting too to hear any variation the tyranny of distance offers up. Or not – both are fine.

Rhythms Music Magazine, Australia

The delta blues is never far away, but it is never quasi-authentic. On the contrary, every song on this record is what it should be, with the focus on another instrument every time., the Netherlands

The Damned and Dirty release a second album of really good electro-acoustic blues music featuring powerful singing, strong acoustic guitars enriched with random electric solos, a fully mastered harmonica, and occasional smooth drums sections. The general mood is tensed and dark but it may also switch to nice rhythms to dance to!

Soul Bag Magazine, France

I do not think "Sell Your Soul" is an atheist manifesto. For me this is just another very good album of two remarkable musicians from our neighboring country., Germany

Release date
September 13th 2013
Fuck Yeah! Records
Music & Lyrics
Micha Sprenger and Kevin de Harde
Guitar, backing vocals, percussion, bass
Micha Sprenger
Vocals, backing vocals, percussion
Kevin de Harde
Frank van Tijn
Arne van der Heijden
Recorded by
Frank de Jong & Erwin Palper, 20Twelve Audio
Mixed & Mastered by
Erwin Palper, 20Twelve Audio
Bas Stoffelsen
Special thanks
Patrick Struijker Boudier and Marlou Vriens
Fuck Yeah! Records