Bye Bye To Ya / I Ain’t Coming Home (limited edition vinyl)

Live in Paradiso

Check out the video of our performance in Paradiso now!

We had a single release party and played support for Robert Cray on October 20th, 2016.

Most of the footage for this videoclip was filmed by fans in the audience on their mobile phones, creating a unique blend of amateur and professional footage (and some crappy compression here and there, but we’ll just call that ‘effect’).

Video by Bas Stoffelsen, Peter Nelissen, and a load of people using their phones:
– Margot van Roode
– Angelique van Braak
– Ben Lucke
– Henk Polman
– Linda Lute
– Brigitte de Groot
– Michael Mick
– Nico Broekhof
– Ratna de Bes
– Wouter Fris
– Yuri Sprenger
– Yvonne Kerkwijk
– Peter Nelissen
– Bas Stoffelsen

Video edited by Bas Stoffelsen
Audio edited by Erwin Palper
Featuring Erwin Palper on drums

Bye Bye To Ya is out now!