One of the most exciting and
innovative duos in the blues tradition.


The Damned and Dirty is one of the most exciting and innovative duos in the blues tradition. Gritty delta blues with screaming slide guitar, raw vocals and wailing blues harp.

What started out as a side project of Kevin de Harde and Micha Sprenger grew bigger fast after their first release titled The Damned and Dirty in 2012. Many live performances followed and in 2013 they released their second album Sell Your Soul. The biggest compliment came when they won the Dutch Blues Award for Best Album of 2012. Their second album received the same award for 2013!

The two write the songs themselves and are currently working on their third album. They perform regularly in The Netherlands and are planning several international tours.

Three awards in a row!

Rolling Into Town

Rolling Into Town was awarded Best Dutch Blues Album for 2014. That makes three in a row!


Interview (Dutch) interviewed us (sorry, it's in Dutch) about our upcoming release Rolling Into Town and making music in general. Read it here.

Listen to Arrow Classic Rock

Three songs were featured on Arrow Classic Rock on September 29th. Listen to the entire show (Dutch) here:

Best Dutch Blues Album 2013

For the second time in a row we received an award for Best Dutch Blues Album. We were honoured with the same award for our debut album about a year ago.

This year the Dutch Blues Foundation and the public decided to award Sell Your Soul, our second album. We're immensely proud and we are working very hard on the next one. Maybe we'll make it a hat-trick next year!




Rolling Into Town

Rolling Into Town

The award-winning duo The Damned and Dirty present 15 brand-new tracks on new highly anticipated release Rolling Into Town. As ever, the main focus remains acoustic delta blues with loads of fingerpicking, but frequently reinvents itself with influences from jazz, dixieland and soul.

Sell Your Soul

Sell Your Soul

So how do you deal with all the accolades you receive for your first album? Simple. You go back into the studio and start working on a second album with the intention to make it an even better one than the first. The result? 13 cracking tracks with crying slide guitar, howling vocals and dirty blues harp.


This is what some of the press had to say about Sell Your Soul:

  • If you are a serious acoustic blues fan this one's a MUST. If you think you don't like acoustic blues then this is a MUST. It will change your mind.

    Ian McKenzie, Blues in Britain Magazine, UK
  • Yes, this music comes out of Europe, but its inspiration comes from the heart of blues territory – it’s always interesting hearing blues coming from places other than where it was born. Interesting too to hear any variation the tyranny of distance offers up. Or not – both are fine.

    Rhythms Magazine, Australia
  • The delta blues is never far away, but it is never quasi-authentic. On the contrary, every song on this record is what it should be, with the focus on another instrument every time. (in Dutch, quote translated)
  • The Damned and Dirty release a second album of really good electro-acoustic blues music featuring powerful singing, strong acoustic guitars enriched with random electric solos, a fully mastered harmonica, and occasional smooth drums sections. The general mood is tensed and dark but it may also switch to nice rhythms to dance to!

    Soul Bag Magazine (in French, translated)
  • I do not think "Sell Your Soul" is an atheist manifesto. For me this is just another very good album of two remarkable musicians from our neighboring country. (in German, quote translated.)
  • It starts with a pure Mississippi Blues, "Out Of Sight", with the almost obligatory acoustic slide guitar, voice and harmonica. Pure and minimalist. But that's not all, the next song, "Number 10" is a smooth track, electric and accompanied by a full band. A lot of old Mississippi Blues, interspersed with other styles, such as the jazzy "If It Ain't Got You", the guitar rag "Turn On Loose" and the raw boogie "Send Me Home". My personal favorites are "Looked You Up In The Phone Book" with a guitar style à la Big Bill Broonzy, "Sending You My Letter" reminiscent of Son House and the mournful slow blues "Eviction Notice Blues". (in Dutch, quote translated.)
  • Micha Sprenger is a qualified guitarist with a varied and groovy playing style both when finger picking and when playing bottleneck. Kevin de Harde’s singing voice is suitable for their music. He is an expressive singer who really sings out and his harmonica playing is just brilliant. Micha and Kevin complement each other perfectly.

    Blues Journal

The Damned and Dirty

The Damned and Dirty

Our award-winning debut album, completely free!

Playing in a band kicks ass. Writing songs for a band is pretty sweet too, but sometimes you write a song that just doesn't work out in a full-blown band. So when most of their band mates in BluesMotel were on vacation, Kevin de Harde and Micha Sprenger decided to write some songs for something new.

After a couple of weeks they joined 20Twelve Audio engineers Erwin Palper and Frank de Jong to start recording. Two days of studio time later they had recorded 13 songs. On of these was written for them by their good friend Eddy Gartry (of Blues State 'UK' fame).

The Damned and Dirty's first album is released under a Creative Commons License. This means it is permitted to create derirative works and even make money on those works as long as it is correctly attributed and released under the same license ('share alike').


This is what some of the press had to say about our first album:

  • When I think about Blues music, I tend not to think about Holland.
    That just changed.

  • With the electric ‘blues violence’ of BluesMotel, live and on record, you sometimes tend to forget what a technically and musically great guitarist Micha Sprenger is. On The Damned and Dirty cd Micha gets – and takes – more than enough room to play his wonderful licks and rhythms. Sometimes threatening, sometimes subdued, but always as the musical backbone for Kevin de Harde. De Harde is also in great form on this record. He sings, screams, whispers and blows his lungs out. The anger in his voice still finds its way into his singing but it’s more of a velvet anger this time. And it’s because of the wonderful licks and rhythms by Micha the songs sung by De Harde are much more overwhelming to the listener. (in Dutch, quote translated.)
  • It’s unnecessary to say that this is an album that belongs in the record collection of all acoustic blues lovers. In fact, it should have a place in the collection of every other blues lover as well. (in Dutch, quote translated.)